Conversation with Aakanksha Kapoor

In conversation with Aakanksha Kapoor, CEO, I Say Organic



I Say Organic exists to be in service of the Earth and contribute towards creating a future where organic is the norm and not the exception. Their range of products includes fruits & vegetables, groceries, and ready-to-eat snacks, condiments, and other consumables, all manufactured in a zero-waste, certified organic facility, using solar power. Their products are 100% clean, pure, and chemical-free alternatives to all your grocery and snack needs and aren’t just healthy but delicious!

Q1. How do you ensure the quality and authenticity of organic ingredients used in your products, can you take us through the procurement cycle?

A1. We identify certified organic farmers in specific regions and visit them to understand their practices. During the visit we test their soil and water levels along with all their certifications. Once the farmer is onboard, we regularly send our products for lab tests every quarter. Additionally, we as a brand have also certified our facility and practices.

Q2. How does your company address sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives in the manufacturing process?

A2. We try to use ingredients that we source for our b2c sale for our processing, so nothing goes to waste. Secondly, our full manufacturing unit runs on solar power. Making our unit, self-sufficient. We also have some machines like a solar dehydrator.

Q3. Can you walk us through your product development process, from concept to shelf?

A3. Our R&D is very close to our hearts. A lot of the recipes have been in our family for generations- like Chakli, tomato ketchup, shakkar parra and we have used those recipes to develop our new range of snacks. These snacks use only whole ingredients. No additional additives or chemical preservatives are added. The max shelf life we have been able to achieve is 9 months on some of our products. Some products that are fermented like Kanji, tend to also have a longer shelf life.

Q4. As a successful and renowned brand, how important do you feel is the approach to product labelling and packaging – sustainable, sizes, design etc.?

A4. Very important. Packaging and labelling are a customer’s first touch point. They will pick up your product from the shelf because the packaging is calling out to them before anything else. It is the job of the content written on the packets that need to speak to the customer. So, Packaging design then communication styles are key to brand building.

Q5. Can you tell us about your company's plans for expanding and growing the business in the future?

A5. We are looking to be present in more offline retail chains as of now across the country and expand our R&D for products. Post this, we will look at other channels.

Q6. Lastly, how significant do you consider platforms like BIOFACH INDIA for companies in terms of conducting trade, discovering trends and acquiring information?

A6. 2022 was our first time at BIOFACH INDIA as an exhibitor. It opened our eyes to many gaps that still exist and how our company can help existing and upcoming brands. We acquired a lot of information on manufacturing and export that will be beneficial for us for our growth plans.


7 - 9 September 2023

India Expo Mart (IEML), Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR