Five organic food start-ups in India

With the increasing awareness, people are now becoming educated about the harm, pesticides are causing to them and their environment. Catering to that many food brands have started producing organic food products that are chemical-free and have no harmful effects. However, as there are a lot of companies therefore it might become difficult to choose the right one. So to save you from trouble down below we have mentioned five organic food startups that have made a name for themselves in the market.

Naturally Yours
Naturally Yours was started by Ms. Priya Prakash and Mr. Vinod Kumar in March 2010. The vision behind starting this brand was to provide healthy yet tasty food accessible in one single place. All these years they have worked towards their motive and have tried to add new products in their store. They work with over a hundred farmers and farm groups all over India. From tasty noodles to daily essential food items like oil and ghee, they have it all.

Founded in 2012, Brewhouse is tea lover Siddharta Jain’s brainchild. The brand sells ice teas which are India’s first real-brewed bottled ice teas. The best part is that these sweetened teas have no added preservatives and have no artificial ingredients. So everyone who likes to stay hydrated and is looking for a healthy beverage, as well as tasty then this brand’s ice teas, are the ones for you. The company’s ulterior motiv2e is to focus on developing healthy, new-age food and beverages.

Just Organik
With the motive of making organic food more accessible and pocket friendly to the customers, Pankaj Agarwal and Richa Agarwal launched the Delhi-based business, Just Organik. The brand which was launched in the year 2013 also focused on creating new opportunities for farmers by making them aware of the organic farming practices. The company is certified by India Organic, EU organic standards, and USDA. The DIPP by the government of India under the start-up India initiative has also given them recognition. At present moment they offer products like cereals, pulses, millets, oil, spices, tea, etc.

Say Organic
I Say Organic was founded by an engineer from the University of British Columbia and Brown University, Ashmeet Kapoor. The company helps its consumers get the option of eating food that is grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides. They also support farmers and partner with them. The first farmer group they partnered with was Dharani Suphalam in Sirsa, Haryana. Currently, they offer more than 300 products that come from 13 different states.

EarthFood is a Pune-based brand founded by a 33-year-old VTP Group member, Nilesh Palresha. They not only aim to provide chemical-free food to customers but they also aim to keep our mother Earth away from exploitation. They provide quality products that are pure, nutritious, and healthy. They grow food in an eco-friendly way that is a mix of traditional methods and innovations to keep the pollution level low. They have everything from Ghee, and oil to spices.

We have mentioned the top organic food startups and made your work easy. Now you should go and check out the one you like the most. We hope that you eat healthy and stay healthy.