The demand for virgin coconut oil seeing a boost globally

Apart from its usage in cosmetics and culinary sector, there is a growing demand for its therapeutic properties in treatment of Alzheimer’s diseases and anti- cancer therapy.

Organic Wellness Products Private Limited is born in India with a creative and unique business model focusing equally on employees, farmers, environment and the company itself. The mission is to grow and create assets for both employees and the farmers simultaneously showing our sincere love and care for the Mother Earth.

Their product Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 100% organic is a cold pressed oil meaning it is made without any involvement of heat. It is the highest quality of Coconut Oil, as all of its nutrients are retained, which allows us to reap all of its benefits. Being organic, it is grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. It is cultivated with controlled organic farming practices.

Top 5 Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

The use and consumption of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has several benefits, even outside of moisturising our skin:

1. It helps keep our hair healthy and moisturised:

Vitamin E, which is an incredibly essential nutrient for healthy skin and hair. Using Coconut Oil as a leave-in hair treatment may help moisturise it, helping prevent a dry and flaky scalp, not to mention split ends and breakage. When applied before washing hair, it has been shown to reduce protein loss.

2. It helps keep our skin moisturised:

It is excellent for our skin, as it helps fight ageing and keeps the skin nice and moisturised. It works well as a nourishing oil for babies’ skin and massages. Coconut oil can help reduce inflammation and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. It is colourless with a natural coconut scent, which makes it an easy and pleasant oil to apply.

3. Oil Pulling with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can help improve our oral health:

Oil pulling is the process of swirling oil around in the mouth. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil is very beneficial for our teeth, keeping them and our mouth clean and making bad breath a thing of the past.

4. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil helps promote a healthy heart:

Coconut Oil has many benefits when it is consumed as well. It is mostly made up of saturated fats, which are an essential portion of our daily diet.

It helps to improve our High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL, which is also known as good cholesterol) – Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) (also known as bad cholesterol) ratio, which has been said to possibly improve our heart health.

The present health scenario characterised by the highest prevalence of cardiovascular diseases demands the consumption of oils and fats that can lower the lipid level in serum and tissues, to sustain human health.

In this context, Coconut Oil is given great importance based on its medium chain fatty acid profile that could contribute to a healthy heart, besides being a source of energy and fat-soluble vitamins in the maintenance of human nutrition.

5. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can help improve immunity and digestion:

Organic Wellness Virgin Coconut oil is an edible oil growing in popularity as a nutritional supplement and a functional food in the emerging functional food market.

It is incredibly beneficial for our body, working as a moisturiser for our skin and hair, helping strengthen hair and protecting us from the harsh weather conditions the winter months bring every year.

It also adds a unique flavour to food. However, since Coconut Oil contains a large amount of fats, it is recommended that it is not consumed in large amounts.

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