PraTithi Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. FAIR. ETHICAL. SUSTAINABLE

Apart from their great product offerings, here is how PraTithi Organic Foods is also adding value and creating a difference in the lives of people.

A pioneer in Fair Trade and Organic farming

PraTithi Organic Foods, an environmentally Responsible Company was established with 25+ years of pioneering experience in the organic supply chain working with thousands of farming families across India for producing organic crops, value addition to the raw crops to make finished product and export of high standard quality products of 100% India Origin to the world of consumers.

Contributing to environment

In addition to a deep involvement in farming at the grass-root level, which is the most vital operation in the organic business, we have thousands of dedicated small & marginal organic farming partners who suitably implement organic principles to get the best of the desired products. Our team combines scientific knowledge with eco-friendly techniques to get the best yield and quality products. Our practices like SRI (System of Rice Intensification), which uses upto 60% less water during cultivation of rice, are successful in mitigating climate change, preserving water resources, and making our farmers economically & socially more sustainable. Our Organic farming practices, which completely forbid the use of chemicals and pesticides play a vital role in providing crop nutrition. Water conservation, soil health management, compost pit development on large scales are some of the initiatives focused on our care for the environment.

Together with our farmers in good and not so good times

PraTithi believes in holding hands of its farming families in every situation. In the ongoing global pandemic of COVID 19, PraTithi has continued its revolutionary steps for safe and sustainable organic farming with various crops like Cereals, Pulses, Spices, Nuts, Oilseeds, Fruits and Vegetables in around 10 states across India. Besides support to the farmers in their farming operations, Pratithi has started innovative social projects to support the village communities especially involving women farmers/workers in the village to generate income for them through appropriate work.

Firm belief of giving back to the society

PraTithi strongly believes in giving back to the society and with this belief a lot of social initiatives have been carried out by PraTithi. Some of them include installation of safe drinking water systems in schools, construction of toilets and bathrooms in schools, which is benefitting hundreds of students in villages. In addition to this we provide free training to farmers across India, which helps them get a better harvest and in turn better income.

Women Empowerment at village levels

We believe that Empowered Women make an Empowered society. Working in this field we have formed women SHG (Self Help Groups) in villages, giving them opportunities for extra income generation through initiatives like mask making by the women having the stitching skills and we bought 10000 masks and distributed to vulnerable farmer families. We also distributed 100000 nos. forest and fruit nursery pants to 2500 farmer families for creation of nutrition gardens. These income generation initiatives add on to their confidence and provide them a status of equality.

Focused on making a real difference

Producing 100% organic and healthy food ingredients is the core of our business but a few things that set us apart are:

• India’s and World’s first Regenerative Organic certified Basmati Rice Company
• Offering our products to the consumers in 100% plastic free packaging
• All key international Organic, Social and Food Safety standards
• Promoting Biodynamic Farming and following Demeter standards.
• Establishing a state of the art, one of a kind Organic Food Processing unit in Haryana

Pure and healthy product offerings

PraTithi offers a wide range of organic ingredients to spread happiness in your kitchens and lives! Some of the key organic products are Organic Rice, Organic Cereals, Organic Atta, Organic Flours, Organic Pulses, Organic Spices, Organic Oils, Organic Nuts, Organic Fresh Fruits, Organic Vegetables, and much more.

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