Conversation with Vaibhav Dugar

In conversation with Vaibhav Dugar, Co – creator at Kingdom of Good Food



Kingdom of a Good Food is a socio-enterprise that bakes vegan, gluten-free cookies in a Solar Oven. Kivu is the only food brand in the world that is utilizing the purest form of energy, The Sun, to bake these Cookies. Jowar, Amaranth, Ragi, Oats, Moringa, and Wheatgrass are some of the few ingredients that have made it into our cookies making Kivu one of the most sustainable food products on the planet.

Q1. Given the need for sustainable solutions in today’s world, what percentage of brands/ manufacturers in your sector are practising sustainability at any point in production?

A1. It's difficult to categorize them or point at a number but there has been a sizeable number of initiatives taken by existing brands as well as new initiatives that are now resonating with consumers' choice to look for more sustainable alternatives. However, it’s the Haves that are driving it and I hope the have-nots can be influenced sooner so that the impact will be wholesome rather than lopsided.

Q2. What kind of a role and impact do you think sustainable production plays? And how educated or sensitive is today's customer towards a brand that is sustainable?

A2. They play a significant role. Manufacturers are moving beyond a one-off event in a year to exploring sustainable alternatives to their existing methods of production. Whether it is the management of energy wastage, treatment of industrial waste, the kind of fuel utilized, etc there has been a significant change over the last few years and with costs coming down as well as changes in Government policies it is better times for Planet Earth.

Traditional media including social media has played a significant role in educating the masses on why it is important to question the products they buy as well as look for alternatives. Thanks to accessible high-speed internet, looking for an alternative is just about picking up your phone and finding an answer to whether to choose this product or the better one.

Q3. Please tell us about the unique production process of KIVU cookies and biscuits.

A3. At Kingdom of Good Food, we are taking the help and assistance of the Sun! Our unit is based in a region that doesn’t receive much rain and has a considerable number of sun-rich days in a year. This is critical for the survival of the project as the heat of the Sun is the fuel, we use to bake our various cookies. Our products, vegan – gluten-free Cookies, are baked in a Solar Oven by rural women entrepreneurs. They hand-bake 5 variants of Cookies, pack them and dispatch them to various retail stores across the country. A 10-gram KIVU Cookie prevents around 5 grams of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere!

Q4. What are your distribution channels and which are the most important for you? What role does an exhibition like MILLETS INDIA play for you as a business channel?

A4. We are available online and offline and it has been a healthy mix that has sustained us during the pandemic. Our primary markets are the Tier 1 cities as well as exclusive retail stores that cater to health & wellbeing.

MILLETS INDIA was the right platform for us to meet conscious consumers, retailers and B2B buyers. It made them experience KIVU as well as learn more about the impact we are creating.

Q5. Do you educate or involve the community in your efforts and how?

A5. The community is the backbone of the initiative and we need to constantly update them with our plans, the growth experienced, changes in policy and laws pertaining to food, provide regular training, share feedback received from our customers, etc. We ensure to make them feel integral to the Kingdom.


7 - 9 September 2023

India Expo Mart (IEML), Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR